7 Plants to Put by Your Pool and Some Landscaping Tips for an Awesome Pool

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Landscaping your garden around your pool could make the best showpiece for your home.

Glossy magazines often show us beautifully designed layouts of fancy landscaped backyards. They may look fantastical and dreamlike, but you can definitely achieve them with enough work. Be sure to apply yourself when choosing the design for your future garden by your poolside. 

Sure, it feels impossible to get those beautiful landscapes into your own backyard. But with enough know-how and research, you will have the time of your life developing your own spot. So we gathered the best design and flowers you can use to beautify your garden. You’ll be enjoying your own personal oasis in no time and if you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Riverside Pool Service Pros for any questions and concerns. 

Shape The Land

Landscaping your garden around your pool could make the best showpiece for your home. A simple pool looks drab without adding a nicely tended garden. So be sure to check these options out for the best ideas for your own garden. You never know, your simple backyard could turn into a luxurious showroom of beauty.

Bed Head

This style of landscaping design is perfect if you want a more airy vibe. Your poolside will look gorgeous but natural with an overgrown design. Larger types of plants that overhang go perfectly with lush grass to give it a signature statement. A scattering of flowering plants would finish the overall look.

Clean And Green

A neat boxy look is great to give an understated vibe to a beautiful poolside. Well-manicured lawns are less of a hassle to maintain than fancy flowers. This could give you a minimalist but cool vibe that will go over nicely with people. You won’t have a problem impressing anyone with a sleek design like this. 

Hedge Fun

Hedges are classical in their elegance and beauty. Having perfectly shaped and cut hedges will make your garden look more expensive than it is now. Take your time to decorate the area with a scattering of beautiful flowers to give it an extra pop of color. Your pool and backyard will look as stunning as ever.

Low Maintenance

Honestly, maintaining a lush and excessively designed garden will take so much of your time. Having a garden that needs minimal tending-to will help you save some precious time and energy. Be sure to plant resilient shrubs and flowers that will survive the heat in the summer. 

Lush Paradise

This type explodes with the beauty of nature with the modern design of your home. Creeping plants will do nicely with this concept to give it an overgrown look. This is perfect beside a grand pool to showcase the tropical vibe of the scenery. Let the flowers overlap and the area will look like a beautiful painting. 


This design follows the pattern of the house patio or the general landscape of the whole garden. It’s focused more on the manicured lawns and minimalist vases placed all around. This is perfect to get a more open and clean look that will make your garden feel more sophisticated and muted. 

Asian Fusion

Following the zen design craze, your garden should follow clean lines and waterworks. Make the pool the center of attention with the garden flowing gracefully in the background. Bamboos and Japanese maple trees would work beautifully to complete the tableau

Flower Power

There’s nothing like flowers to give a simple pop to your boring landscapes. Each bloom of color and pattern will offer a great aesthetic to the natural beauty of your landscape. Check these choices to get the best options for low-maintenance flowers you can choose from.

Lily Of The Nile

These trumpet-shaped beauties will make your garden landscape pop with a clump of white. These are resilient flowers that don’t need much minding when they’re around. The lily enjoys the warm sunlight and well-drained soil to keep its foliage. Its flowers bloom greater in late summer. 

African Iris

These are perfect to line your walkway into your beautifully landscaped garden. They are low maintenance and do well under the sun or under a shade. They can survive on harder soil unlike many delicate flower varieties and grow to about three feet tall and wide. They can bloom white flowers that will last from spring all the way to summer. 

Sea Lavender

These heavy-duty flowers handle droughts and deer easily. They are survivors in arid land and love sunbathing in full sunlight. Its clumps grow afoot around the flower and can bloom lavender and white flowers all summer long. They would look great with any landscape design, especially for a minimalist concept. 

Santa Barbara Daisy

This daisy transforms from a pristine white to a beautiful shade of pink or purple as the days go. A very beautiful flower that doesn’t need any maintenance whatsoever. This one is perfect with many landscape concepts that will liven up the area it’s planted on. It grows to about three feet tall and wide and would go perfectly with mounds of coreopsis. 

Matilija Poppy

A perfect fusion of a flower and a shrub, the Matilija will tower over your garden with grace. They grow to about eight feet tall and tower over the rest with white flower petals and a beautiful yellow center. They spread fast all around your garden without any need for maintenance, so you’ll have plenty in no time. They love to sunbathe under full sunlight with nicely drained soil underneath.

Kangaroo Paw

A slender and beautiful flower that will add contrast to your beautiful garden. This is a very low-maintenance flower that will show height and plumage for all to see. The distinctive shape of its flower resembles a kangaroo’s paw that will fascinate everyone. It grows to a level of five feet that will grow nicely to shape your garden with ease.

Bear’s Breeches

This defines elegance. The flower of bear’s breeches shoots up in summer to about 4 foot upwards. The beautiful leaves surrounding it give it the body that will add beauty around it. It needs partial shade to grow but is still a low-maintenance plant.


Fix your pool to look pretty and enticing. Just a little addition of style and shrubbery will make a world of difference for your backyard. Be sure to apply some of the tips here and find the suggested plants. Your life will change for the better with any of these choices.

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