Fun and Practical Things to Have for a Perfect Pool Experience

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Maintaining a pool is a task not everyone is willing to do. If you won't get into the nitty-gritty stuff, your pool might become a hazard in itself.

Nothing beats a relaxing time splashing and swimming around in the water. Having the time to play around with your kids in the water is a great bonding experience for everyone. And what’s better than having a great pool that you can go to just by going to your backyard. 

But pools are tricky to manage, especially if it’s placed right by your own house. Sure, you can have the most fun toys and furniture to make it pretty and appealing for everyone. But maintaining your pool is a task not everyone is willing to do. If you won’t get into the nitty-gritty stuff, your pool might become a hazard in itself. Riverside Pool Service Pros can always do a monthly pool cleaning service for you at an affordable price to upkeep the cleanliness of your pool as well. Just give us a call! 

We’ve compiled items and furniture that are nicely balanced to give you the best time in your pool. Here, you will have the fun side with all the nice toys and furniture for lounging. We also have the best tools and chemicals you can use to treat your pool and keep it as beautiful as ever. Be sure to check each one out. 

Fun Things

The pool symbolizes fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike for decades. You can never go wrong with kicking back and relaxing. The water is also great to have bonding moments with your family and friends. Here are a few choice items you can put in your pool so you will have a very magical time every time:

Chaise Lounges

Reclining on a chaise lounge chair is possibly the most iconic vibe of pool relaxation. These lounge chairs can come in a variety of colors and materials. 

Metal-framed ones with mesh cloth are perfect for lasting long and are perfect for every day. Rattan versions are great for the overall feeling of relaxation and are definitely selfie-worthy. Choose your own and you will have a great time kicking back. 

Outdoor Sofas

This is perfect for when you’re entertaining guests or have your friends over for a party. Outdoor sofas can survive any weather it faces, whether rain, snow, or sunlight. Just sit back and enjoy your time in the sun with your sturdy sofa. Choose an ottoman to come with it that will be perfect for storing throw pillows and other toys. 


Laying back on a nice and spacious hammock will feel like a moment in paradise. A few minutes or hours napping on a taut hammock will relax your body like no other. Choose a sturdy hammock that you can tie around some trees or built-in stands by your pool. The laid back feel and aesthetic of the hammock will give your poolside a nice chill vibe.

Bistro Sets

You can’t help but feel a bit hungry after some time swimming around or playing Marco Polo in the waters. Try and sit back on a nice bistro set where you can eat a few snacks or have a full-size meal. This is perfect for when you want your food to stay nice and fresh without the risk of getting splashed by water. It can seat two to three people that will be nice for chatting and catching up.

Pool Slides

Pool slides will make your pool the coolest place for your kids or yourself to play with. You can’t compare the fun of going down on a watery tube and splashing into the water when you fly through the exit. Pool slides come in all shapes and sizes that will fit your pool size. Be sure to have great fun when you get your own.

Inflatable Floats

Your pool experience will never be complete without these fun things bobbing about on the water. These inflatable toys can come in all shapes and sizes that everyone can enjoy. They could be small basketball sets, flamingo boats, small islands on the pool, and more. Try to get ones that are easy to assemble and clean for less hassle.

Practical Things

As much fun and relaxing pools are, you need to make sure you take care of it so you won’t get any health issues or injuries. Be sure to check these items out so you can keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Algae Brush

Be sure to have a handy brush that’s specifically used to clean-up algae. Keep the right tools on hand because algae are very stubborn to remove. Algae brush is ideally made with steel brush when dealing with concrete. Nylon bristles are perfect for vinyl-lined pools to avoid damaging them.


This is one of the most essential pool tools to keep handy. This is perfect for removing fallen leaves, trash from the previous party, or even some dead animals. Just scoop them up using the long pole of a skimmer and your pool is good to go. 

Pool Shock

Shocking your pool will help keep it in the best shape, especially if it starts to look and smell bad. The sanitation and filtration of your pool might fall short and this will cause bacteria to grow. A calcium hypochlorite shock will help stop the spread of bacteria and clean your pool. This will help maintain the pristine beauty of your pool.

Manual Vacuum

This will help greatly in stopping the spread of algae in your pool. Automatic cleaners are available, but a manual vacuum is better to maintain proper sanitation. This is best used in tandem with algae brush to remove the particles that you scrub off.

Pool Cover

A pool cover will help keep off any pests and falling leaves off of your clean pool. This is a very practical alternative to a pool skimmer that will help maintain your pool for longer. This will help you save precious time cleaning and shocking your pool in the long run.


Your pool is a fun place for you to relax and enjoy some time off. Be sure to make the best out of your relaxation day and use the best furniture for that. But at the end of the day, you need to put some grease work in to keep your pool clean. All of these will make your pool experience a fun but practical one.

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